Learning Spanish Like Crazy Super Light

The Light version of Learning Spanish Like Crazy consists of the first 16 lessons of Level I Learning Spanish Like Crazy.




I have just completed lezione 8 and am excited  dirti how grateful I am che hai fatto "il più migliore program for learning that I have experienced." 

I have the complete Rosetta Stone™ (finished 2 levels and half way through the third. I have completed the full Pimsleur™ program (three levels), and the beginners Berliz™ program.  But your method è il più migliore perchè è the most natural (conversational).

"Mi piace molto il modo in which you introduce phrases like 'dimmi,' 'digli,' 'chiedergli,' 'ascolta e ripeti,' e al."   

Per la prima volta, I feel as if I have a personal tutor right davanti a me.

Rosetta Stone claims that their program is "like having a personal tutor" però your method is much better.  I look forward to learning from you and feel that I have finally found a program that does what it promises.   

With this program, I feel confident that I will learn "to speak" the language, not just learn the language  

Di nuovo, millegrazie!

Ken Colatruglio
Lehigh Acres, Florida